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Exercise cartoon # 2014-04-28 (1 of 82)

Dish’s Post Autocorrects

dish, spoon, workout, treadmill, run, post, social network, tag, autocorrect, nursery rhyme,

Exercise cartoon # 2014-01-27 (2 of 82)

Squirrel TV Motivates Dogs

dog, exercise, run, treadmill, chase, squirrel, watch, television, motivation,

Exercise cartoon # 2013-11-07 (3 of 82)

Update Duchamp Painting

art, update, descend, dude, marcel duchamp, painting, stairmaster, exercise,

Exercise cartoon # 2013-10-17 (4 of 82)

Monsters Exercise To Fit Under Beds

Monsters exercise to keep weight off to fit under kid’s beds.

Exercise cartoon # 2013-05-31 (5 of 82)

Rabbits Work Out Their Hips And They Hop.

rabbit, exercise, gym, hippity, hoppity, treadmill, weight lifting,

cartoon # 2013-04-21 (6 of 82)

Ant Lifts More Than Body Weight

ant, weight, lift, body weight, exercise, weight training, bicep,

Exercise cartoon # 2013-03-07 (7 of 82)

Elevatormaster For The Lazy

exercising, lazy, stairmaster, elevator, comparison,

cartoon # 2012-12-09 (8 of 82)

Marching Band Practices On Treadmills

gym, marching band, treadmill, practice, raining

Exercise cartoon # 2012-11-21 (9 of 82)

Turkey’s Yoga Class

KEYWORD1  2012-11-21  thanksgiving  holiday  holidays  turkey  chop  chopping  ax  axes

Exercise cartoon # 2012-10-13 (10 of 82)


walking dead  zombie

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