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Dental cartoon # 2013-06-14 (1 of 182)

Dentist Welcoming To Incoming British

dentist, british, paul revere, history, american revolution, welcome,

Dental cartoon # 2013-06-13 (2 of 182)

Dog’s Dental Plan Is Bone

dog, workplace, dental, coverage, bone, excitement, job, manager,

Dental cartoon # 2013-05-27 (3 of 182)

Mixed Farm Animal Grills

farm animal, pig, cow, chicken, lamb, grill, teeth, mixed, food, meat,

Dental cartoon # 2013-04-27 (4 of 182)

Dentist Presents Patient With Laughing Solids

dentist, laughing solids, laughing gas, apologize, patient, eating, anesthesia,

Dental cartoon # 2012-08-09 (5 of 182)

Wisdom Eyes

KEYWORD1  2012-08-09  dentist  dentists  dental  dentistry  tooth  teeth  mouth  wisdom teeth

Dental cartoon # 2012-07-16 (6 of 182)

Nitrous LOL

KEYWORD1  2012-07-16  dentist  dentists  dental  dentistry  tooth  teeth  brush  brushing

Dental cartoon # 2012-07-03 (7 of 182)

Unwaxed Floss

KEYWORD1  2012-07-03  hygiene  floss  flossing  waxed  waxing  hairy  prickly  shave

Dental cartoon # 2011-08-23 (8 of 182)

Dentist Reflex

KEYWORD1  2011-08-23  dentist  dentists  dental  dentistry  tooth  teeth  brush  brushing

Dental cartoon # 2011-03-02 (9 of 182)

Raising David Letterman

KEYWORD1  2011-03-02  david  david letterman  letterman  television  televisions  television show  t

Dental cartoon # 2010-12-02 (10 of 182)

Oral V

KEYWORD1  2010-12-02  vampire  vampires  dracula  dental  dental hygiene  hygiene  clean  cleans

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