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Cheating cartoon # 2014-06-03 (1 of 133)

Fathered By The Stork

bird, stork, baby, truth, delivery, beak, dad, mom, cheating, genetics,

Cheating cartoon # 2014-05-13 (2 of 133)

Lightning Can’t Hit Twice

heaven, game, lightning, bolt, difficult, win, lose, hit, twice, same, gods,

Cheating cartoon # 2014-05-03 (3 of 133)

Chicken Wants Free Range

chicken, free range, sex, counseling, marriage, relationship, complain, cheat,

Cheating cartoon # 2014-04-05 (4 of 133)

Fibber One Parodies Fiber One

parody, breakfast, bar, fiber one, fibber one, lie, liar, deceive, dishonest, false, claim,

Cheating cartoon # 2014-02-15 (5 of 133)

Jewelry Reward Points

husband, wife, jewelry, store, reward points, question, first, cheat,

Cheating cartoon # 2014-02-07 (6 of 133)

Dog Gets Dog For Companionship

dog, cheat, adultery, companion, travel, work, husband, wife, away, lonely,

Cheating cartoon # 2013-12-11 (7 of 133)

Snowman Drives Plow

snowman, plow, drive, winter, snow, sell-out, judgmental,

Cheating cartoon # 2013-12-09 (8 of 133)

Mrs. Claus Cheats With Impostor

santa, fake, cheat, mrs claus, impostor, excuse, real,

Cheating cartoon # 2013-10-19 (9 of 133)

Pumpkin’s Wandering Vines

Pumpkin is tired of husband’s wandering vines touching other pumpkins.

Cheating cartoon # 2013-10-15 (10 of 133)

Skeleton’s Pelvis Text

Skeleton asks who sent the x-rated pelvis text.

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