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Cell phone

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-11-26 (1 of 174)

Turkey’s Duck Lips

turkey, self portrait, camera, duck lips, embarrassing,

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-11-21 (2 of 174)

Turkey’s Terrified Selfie

turkey, kill, behead, post, photo, text, phone, terrified,

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-11-14 (3 of 174)

Little Thumb Phone Accessories

keyboard, text, type, accessory, phone, small, key, thumb, easy,

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-11-12 (4 of 174)

Narcissus Is Original Selfie

selfie, portrait, reflection, narcissus, mythology, vanity,

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-10-16 (5 of 174)

Female Werewolf’s Long Change

Werewolves will be late because wife is taking forever to change.

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-10-15 (6 of 174)

Skeleton’s Pelvis Text

Skeleton asks who sent the x-rated pelvis text.

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-09-13 (7 of 174)

Mouse Thinks Only Black Cats Are Bad

cat, mouse, luck, bad, research, catch, black, tablet, reference,

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-09-11 (8 of 174)

Tattoo Artist Wishes For Autocorrect

tattoo, tattoo artist, injection, ink, autocorrect, mistake, correct, misspell,

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-09-10 (9 of 174)

Chiropractor’s Business Is Good

doctor, chiropractor, smartphone, neck, sore, ironic, up, down, look, bend, business,

Cell phone cartoon # 2013-08-26 (10 of 174)

Dog Unsure How To Interpret Woof

dog, text, smartphone, misunderstand, inflection, woof, sarcastic, communication, woof,

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