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Bills cartoon # 2013-08-10 (1 of 21)

Man Disappointed By Duck Date

date, duck, online dating, profile, picture, duckface, disappoint, appearance,

Bills cartoon # 2013-02-22 (2 of 21)

Full Beak Reveals Pelican Thief

pelican, thief, police, rob, beak, hide,

Bills cartoon # 2012-02-14 (3 of 21)

Jeweler’s Bribes Cupid

KEYWORD1  2012-02-14  valentine  valentines  valentine’s day  valentines day  hol

Bills cartoon # 2011-06-24 (4 of 21)

Sponge Shower at Hospital

hospital, sponge bath, health insurance

Bills cartoon # 2011-02-21 (5 of 21)

Washington’s Tattoo

KEYWORD1  2011-02-21  president  presidents  george washington  washington  tattoo  tattoos  tattoo

Bills cartoon # 2010-12-10 (6 of 21)

Fee Fi Fo Fum Plan

KEYWORD1  2010-12-10  fe fi fo fum  fee  fees  payment  payments  plan  plans  more

Bills cartoon # 2009-06-26 (7 of 21)

HMO X-ray Glasses

KEYWORD1  2009-06-26  this is all your hmo covers  medical  medicine  health  healthcare  health car

Bills cartoon # 2005-12-16 (8 of 21)

Santa takes Snowman's Coal for Heating

KEYWORD1  2005-12-16  winter  snow  snowing  snowman  snowmen  cold  season  seasons

Bills cartoon # 2005-06-27 (9 of 21)


KEYWORD1  2005-06-27  tv  tvs  television  televisions  media  money  finance  finances

Bills cartoon # 2004-07-21 (10 of 21)


KEYWORD1  2004-07-21  computer  computers  internet  www  world wide web  web  online  on-line

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