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Age cartoon # 1997-12-31 (111 of 135)


KEYWORD1  1997-12-31  ageless  age  aging  old  father time  payoff  payoffs  bribe

Age cartoon # 1997-12-01 (112 of 135)

Ageing Sam

KEYWORD1  1997-12-01  2010-08-16  dr. suess  dr. seuss  parody  parodies  green eggs and ham  prunes

Age cartoon # 1997-11-28 (113 of 135)

Geriatric Patient calls Doctor and Dentist

KEYWORD1  1997-11-28  2009-08-26  dentures  denture  false  false teeth  teeth  dentist  dentists

Age cartoon # 1997-11-24 (114 of 135)


KEYWORD1  1997-11-24  death  dead  dying  demise  demised  demising  grim reaper  grim-reaper

Age cartoon # 1997-10-18 (115 of 135)


KEYWORD1  1997-10-18  dog  dogs  doggies  doggy  canine  canines   vet  vets

Age cartoon # 1997-09-30 (116 of 135)


KEYWORD1  1997-09-30  pinocchio  old  older  age  aged  aging  elderly  older

Age cartoon # 1997-08-05 (117 of 135)


KEYWORD1  1997-08-05   chicken  chickens  hen  hens  fowl  fowls   old  older

Age cartoon # 1997-07-21 (118 of 135)


KEYWORD1  1997-07-21  cake  cakes  age  aging  older  old  happy birthday  birthday

Age cartoon # 1997-06-09 (119 of 135)


KEYWORD1  1997-06-09   the wizard of oz  wizard of oz  oz  parody  parodies  movie  movies  scarecro

Age cartoon # 1997-06-04 (120 of 135)


KEYWORD1  1997-06-04   science fiction  sci fi  alien  aliens  extraterrestrial  extra-terrestrial

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