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  • Mother gets revenge with with customizable baby wipes.
  • Humans are concerned as Dr. Seuss cartoons become invasive.
  • Farmer wants goats to eat his long grass.
  • Mother and child both find items while back to school shopping.
  • Cat playdate is a bad idea.
  • Dog in a carriage meets a child on leash.
  • Teenager tells dad he's not brushing his teeth because he is seasoning them.
  • People distractedly looking at their phones fall into holes kids dig on the beach.
  • Only one chipmunk saved room in one cheek for dessert.
  • Turtle is a Helicopter Mom for not abandoning eggs immediately.
  • Harold regrets scheduling his surgery on take-your-child-to-work-day.
  • Mother flower with too many children agrees that the pollen count is high.