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  • Godzilla enjoys eating 100% Angus Young at AC/DC concert.
  • Dr Seuss characters listen to songs that represent their personalities.
  • Selfish, greedy people download without paying sound like pirates.
  • A cheeseburger is in heaven, while pastrami is in purgatory.
  • Elvis worked out by doing bicep and lip curls.
  • Everything I needed to know I learned from Peanuts characters.
  • Man returns headphones that erased his nose because he thought nose-cancelling label was a mistake.
  • Moby Dick whale uses gray dye to sneak attack Ahab.
  • Instead of counting backwards, anesthesiologists have patients read itunes terms and conditions.
  • Singing performing dog is a labra-do-be-do-be-doodle.
  • Nothing appears under the Christmas tree because all the gifts are digital downloads.
  • Characters and bands with who in name see who appears in Who's Who.