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  • Man with seal shaped birthmark is attacked by sharks in the ocean.
  • Fish aren’t happy about view of swimming man’s behind.
  • Crabby cat smashes coffee mugs to feel better.
  • Grocery shopping woman chooses between food cat wont eat and food cat will throw up.
  • Dog plans daily goal food on every day of calendar.
  • Stale doughnuts on park bench watching young ones play discuss old age.
  • Murphy’s Law creator’s grave says Here Lies Nurphy by mistake.
  • Fish in aquarium don’t like that a cat is looking at a scuba gear website.
  • Man in fast food restaurant is drinking a hoppy happy meal six pack of beer.
  • Fortuneteller tells stick figure he will fall behind on his cartooning deadlines and take shortcuts.
  • Insect’s butt rash mistaken by lovesick firefly at bar.
  • Man burns roof of mouth on hot pizza and tiny repair man climbs ladder to fix it.