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  • Principal tells teacher two parents, a rabbit and an amoeba cell, are angry he’s teaching multiplication and division in his classroom.
  • Sad nine watching TV wanted to work at the Weather Channel but didn’t have a temperature degree symbol.
  • Cat teacher shows cat students nutrition pyramid refusing all food groups.
  • President Abraham Lincoln’s honesty is tested by smartphone app terms and conditions checkbox.
  • Judge looks at instructions to assemble juror parts spread across courtroom floor.
  • Customers are arrested and jailed for minor consumer crimes.
  • Boy gets an I on spelling test for cheating with the internet.
  • Uranus is terrified to say his name in front of classroom of planets when the sun teacher demands his proper name.
  • Child in talent show will hack her teacher’s email account before she can tackle her.
  • Flies in classroom learn how to be annoying.
  • Cat attempts to teach kittens about no boundaries.
  • Elf questions his choice of college major when seeing a garden gnome headed to work.